Rebate Program

When you buy a house through Buyer Rebates Realty you will get a rebate check at closing, usually thousands of dollars. That’s right, you, the real estate buyer, actually get money back.

Buyer Rebates Realty splits the seller paid commission with our home buyers. The amount of the rebate varies according to the actual commission Buyer Rebates Realty receives from the seller.

Estimate Your Rebate

The rebate in chart below is based on the seller (or builder) paying Buyer Rebates Realty a 3% commission.

Where does the money I receive (the rebate) come from?

In a ‘typical’ transaction, the seller may pay a 6% commission of which 3% goes to the seller’s listing agent/broker and 3% goes to the buyer’s agent/broker.

Transaction example - normal real estate:

However, when working with Buyer Rebates Realty, there is one additional step, the 3% paid by the seller to Buyer Rebates Realty is then split with you the home buyer.

Transaction example using Buyer Rebates Realty:

Does the rebate program apply to new home construction?

Yes it does, to both new home construction and new home communities. Buyer Rebates Realty must be your "registered" Realtor at the new home community in order for us to get paid a commission and then in turn, to be able to pay you a rebate. We prefer to be with you when you visit a new home community and we will handle the registration at that time. However, if you visit a new home community without us, be sure to tell the community / builder site agent that Buyer Rebates Realty told you about the community and that Buyer Rebates Realty is your real estate agent. This is especially important if you complete a community / builder registration form. WE MUST BE PRESENT BEFORE YOU DO A LOT DEPOSIT OR ENTER INTO A CONTRACT.

Does the rebate program apply to homes on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?

Yes it does. However, if another agent shows you the inside a home, chances are that home will not quality for a rebate. (An exception to that rule is an open house; so long as you tell the other agent at the open house that you are already working with Buyer Rebates Realty the rebate program will still apply.) You can also do "drive-bys" to check out the exterior of houses and neighborhoods but when you want to see inside a home, be sure to call your Buyer Rebates Realty agent and see it with us.

Are rebates legal?

Absolutely. Here is a link to the US Department of Justice website discussing real estate cash rebates.

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