"When a friend told me about the "cash rebates" that Buyer Rebates Realty offers, I was intrigued - it almost sounded too good to be true. Well, not only did we get our rebate, but the service they provided was both professional and friendly. Now it's my turn to tell friends about Buyer Rebates Realty."

~ John & Christine Houde

"When we first decided to use Buyer Rebates Realty. . . I remember being a little concerned that we would get something less than full service... instead, we were pleasantly surprised to find out just the opposite. My wife and I have now purchased 3 homes & I am happy to say that we have never worked with a more professional, attentive, full-service Realtor."

~ Stephen F. Hamilton

"We closed on our home on May 30th. And to all those skeptical people, it's true, you do get money back at closing. We received almost $3000. Unbelievable!! The money received as rebate paid for most of our closing costs.

Our agent was great. Several times he showed me a house within an hour's notice. He was knowledgeable and could point out good and unacceptable things in houses we were seeing. He knew to "wait it out" after finding termites in the home inspection and the sellers not wanting to treat the whole house, but to spot treat. A very dangerous thing in Florida, I believe.

I talk about our rebate all the time, people are so jealous when they hear about it and that there are no "catches". Even if I had money to "burn", I would use Buyer's Rebate. I love the concept. Why buy a house any other way???!!!!

~ George and Donita Khouri

"I just wanted to let you know how thrilled we were with your service... the best part is we got a rebate check at settlement. We almost felt guilty for it since we got better service than we did from a conventional agent. We will recommend... your company to our friends. Thanks again."

~ Joe & Jodi Hawkins

"We were first time homebuyers. A co-worker told me there was a buyer agent real estate company offering to rebate back to the buyers half of the seller paid commission. The rebate really helped, and we received great service from the whole team at Buyer Rebates Realty."

~ Jason & Amy Moler

"We flew in from California and did not know the area at all, but Buyer Rebates Realty did a super job after orienting us and showing us numerous communities. When you combine their level of professionalism & area knowledge with the cash rebates, I can't imagine using any other Realtor."

~ Mike & Kelley Haak

"Our buying experience with Buyer Rebates Realty couldn't have been better! We are extremely happy! We were not sure what to expect when we moved from Colorado. Now, thanks to you, we have a beautiful home, nice neighborhood, wonderful school district, and a great location. We absolutely love our new home! The kids like their school and we all are fascinated with the pretty trees, flowers and unusual birds. We love Florida, and are extremely grateful to you!"

~ Bob & Laura Stogner

"Eva and I would like to thank you and your sales associate for the excellent service you provided in the purchase of our home. The email MLS listings that you sent out as homes were listed in the area and price range that we were looking for were very helpful in making our selection, without them we probably never would have been able to find what we were looking for. I have recommended your company to others.

Thanks again for the good service."

~ Joe and Eva Wall

"Buyer Rebates Realty brings professional real estate services into the 21st century. I don't know why any buyer would use anyone else considering that Buyer Rebates Realty combines professional service, area knowledge and expert negotiation skills with a cash rebate. They are truly a smarter way to buy. We highly recommend Bill Cook and Buyer Rebates Realty."

~ Kurt & Julie Kehoe

"Thanks so much for turning my wife and I on to your concept of rebating the buyer back a percentage of the commission. I admit I was extremely skeptical of the ad I heard on the radio but when I called you and you were so confident that you actually encouraged me to check you and your business out, I took your advice and did just that. Much to my surprise your concept was fairly new but your respect in the Real Estate community convinced us both that it was legit. The feeling of receiving that check today was a great one and my wife and I deeply appreciate it and hope to do much more business with you in the future!

Thanks Again,"

~ Chris and Laurie Lombardo

"We couldn't be happier with our decision to use Buyer Rebates Realty. Their system of e-mailing new listings on a daily basis is fantastic. The team of professionals was always friendly and patient. They did a great job during negotiations. And on top of all that, they paid us a significant rebate."

~ Kerry & Monica Byrnes

To the staff of Buyer Rebates Realty,

"I can't begin to tell you how wonderful your service is. First, a HUGE Thank You to one of your agents for her outstanding professionalism and delightful personality, not to mention great knowledge and ability to work under most any circumstance".

"Second, another HUGE Thank You to Buyer Rebates Realty for the rebate. Not only did I receive great service, but I also received a check within 7 days after closing, that helped pay for some remodeling, and for helping me break the lease on my apartment that I so wanted to get out of."

"I have every intention of using your service again, and every intention of telling anyone and everyone I can about your incredible service. If more companies would watch how you do business, then the art of customer service would return to our society."

"Thank you, and Best Wishes on your business!"

~ Jon Brown ~ Extremely HAPPY new home owner!

"The Buyer Rebates Realty team is fantastic. I told them what I was looking for and they found it very quickly. They negotiated a deal I am extremely pleased with and put me in touch with a lender who offered great rates. I highly recommend their services."

~ Steve Howard

"Dear Prospective Home Buyer,

My wife and I highly recommend you select the professionals at Buyer Rebates Realty to be your Buyer's Agent during the purchase of your next home. Not only is their service free but they will share a significant percentage of their commission with you after closing.

We've worked with Real Estate agents in the past that represented the Seller and who shared none of their commission with us. The level of service provided by Bill Cook and his staff was even better than that provided by the previous agents we've dealt with. The folks at Buyer Rebates Realty were extremely professional, knowledgeable, honest, patient, and a delight to work with. We are confident that were it not for their excellent negotiation skills, we would not have gotten the deal we did.

You owe it to yourself to utilize the services of Buyer Rebates Realty as you go out and spend your hard-earned money on your dream home!"

~ Xavier A. Montesdeoca

"On behalf of myself and Renate my wife, we would like to express our appreciation for the professional service provided in the purchase of our new home. As a buyer, we were not knowledgeable on various legal terms and or Real Estate transactions. Consequently, Buyer Rebates Realty's staff provided the necessary expertise and negotiations leaving us to feel very comfortable in their decisions".

"As a result, we were able to obtain the home we wanted and again we can say the personnel who helped us provided the knowledge and expertise to negotiate and we would recommend this company to others; because we have established a trust in their relationship that can be passed on to other clients."

~ Ronald and Renate Letrent

"What a great concept. I was kept up to date by being sent all the new listings that met my parameters daily. I was also given the flexibility to do drive-bys at my leisure and shown the inside of only those houses I was interested in. And after closing they paid me a rebate."

~ Scott Carpentier

"Buyer Rebates Realty did a marvelous job for us during very difficult negotiations. We happily recommend their services, not only because of the cash rebate, which is great, but also because of their service, from daily e-mails of new listings to professional contract preparation, expert negotiations, etc."

~ Bob & Sallie Clark

"Dear Mr. Cook,

We would like to inform you of the outstanding professional & personal service Charlene gave us during the search for our first home. She had an immediate concept of what we wanted in our "ideal" home. We had originally looked for a house in May but due to a family illness, placed our search on hold. Charlene was so understanding.

In September we resumed our search with Charlene and found our dream home the second day of looking. As you can imagine, we were thrilled to find the perfect house for us & so quick too. Charlene demonstrated her amazing expertise and negotiation skills during signing of the contract and the actual closing.

Charlene is a woman of integrity and a pleasure to work with during one of the most exciting/stressful times in your life. Fortunately for us, there was minimal stress since she had everything so organized. I recommend Charlene, without any reservations to anyone interested in buying a new home."

~ Steve & Susan Stern

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